Conservation surveys : Living with mammals

Effective conservation is underpinned by an understanding of the habitats and species that are the targets of conservation work. | NAEEUK on twitter and facebook

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“Guessing is no good” says Dr. Pat Morris, former lecturer in zoology at Royal Holloway, University of London, who has worked closely with the Trust, “successful conservation measures mean careful research too. We also need to monitor populations, keeping an eye on numbers, so we have clear warning when something goes wrong.”

Living with Mammals starts 2nd April

One of the most valuable ways you can support us is by taking part in the surveys that contribute to our knowledge of the wildlife and habitats under threat.

Only by collecting data about numbers and distribution of species, and about the habitats that support them, can we identify those that need action and assess the success or failure of conservation efforts. It is also a great way of doing something to help local conservation in your area.

Taking part need not mean a big commitment – even just a few minutes a week can be a help. Our various surveys are listed in the side menu – please take a look and see how you can help.

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