Arbor Day around the World….

In China, Arbor Day – the celebration of trees and planting thereof – is next week… and the Ecology Action Team that I run, is planting a tree on Tuesday.

What about other counties? NAEEUK did a quick search…

In Australia, Arbor Day is in June, with the National Tree Day falling on the last weekend in July. Arbor Week falls at different times around Australia:

New Zealand celebrates Arbor Day on June 5, which is also World Environment Day.

Scotland’s Arbor Day is celebrated March 20 – 21, in Argyll.

South Africa celebrates Arbour Week from September 1 – 7.

The United Kingdom celebrates National Tree Week at the start of tree planting season in November. It is organized by the Tree Council. They also celebrate National Tree Dressing Day on the first weekend in December, which is organized by the environmental charity Common Ground Trees.

In The United States, National Arbor Day is the last Friday in April, and each state celebrates its own Arbor Day according to the best planting time.

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